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Illinois ​State Rep. Art Turner, Jr. to Lead Town Hall on Major Consumer Issue

Internet searches. Photos shared on social media sites. Online purchases. Much of what you do when on the computer is tracked and sold to third-party companies. Why does this matter? In addition to being an intrusion on privacy, this information can affect your ability to obtain credit or a loan, find a job, immigration status and much more.

On Thurs., June 22, at 6 p.m.,

Illinois State Rep. Arthur Turner, Jr.​, District 9​ will lead a Town Hall at West Side Justice Center, 601 S. California Ave. to discuss this important issue and legislation, the “Right to Know Act” (HB 2774), that he introduced this past session to protect Illinoisans from the potential harms cited above.

Attorneys from the Westside Justice Center will also discuss how the organization can potentially be a resource to consumers facing these issues. Additionally, Rep. Turner and the West​s​ide Justice Center representatives will talk about other pressing issues facing the state and city and take questions from the community. Please join us!

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