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 The Westside Justice Center was formed in 2015 by a group of attorneys, community leaders and legal advocates who saw a gap in the provision of legal services catering to the needs of residents in Chicago’s west side.

In August of 2015, two growing law firms, The Shiller Preyar Law Offices and Burch and Associates, rehabbed a building located on the corner of California and Harrison and called it  the Westside Justice Center. The building was to house those two firms as well as a handful of solo practitioners, a non-profit organization working to improve access to legal services after an arrest, and other professional services like tax preparation and a realty agency.
As soon as the doors opened, the firms were inundated with walk-ins from people that needed minor legal assistance for which they did not have the means to hire an attorney, or that an attorney would not likely take on. For some of these people, the attorneys were able to refer them to legal aid clinics. For many, however, there just seemed nowhere to send them.

Thus, the Westside Justice Center was formed to help those walk-in residents that fell in between the gaps of the legal aid systems. 

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