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WJC Organizer Monica Cosby Awarded Field Foundations's LEADERS FOR A NEW CHICAGO Award

Read full article at the Field Foundation

The Westside Justice Center is proud to announce that one of our colleagues Monica Cosby has been honored by the Field Foundation for her incredible contributions to participatory defense here at the Westside Justice Center, as well as her broader contributions to both local and national struggles for prisoners rights, women's rights, and the abolition of the carceral state. In addition to the grant which was awarded to Monica Cosby, a matching award was given to our organization to continue developing this work.

From the Field Foundation:

"As Chicago redefines itself, the Leaders for a New Chicago award will advance equity and access to opportunity. It will foster conditions that recognize and promote individuals who bring a broad diversity of backgrounds and experiences to civic debate about the city’s future." Read the full announcement here.

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