Programming and Advocacy
  • Community Advocacy through Responsive Workshops: 

    • Conduct periodic educational workshops. 

    • Host pop up Clinics.​ 

Individual Advocacy
  • Navigate social issues vs. legal issues.

  • Provide legal advice and coaching through interviews, case reviews, referrals etc.

Apply to our services online 

or call us at (773) 940-2213

Community Organizing and Mobilization 
  • Identify justice and legal issues of broad concern through data, research and participatory deliberations.

  • Host planning sessions with community representatives.

  • Develop strategies, partnerships and solution to address identified justice and legal issues.

  • Provide training to community-based paralegal

Westside Justice Center (WJC) is dedicated to serving communities in Chicago. With your donation, we can continue to protect Constitutional rights, hold community events and ensure low-income people have access to  fair and just criminal justice system in courts and jails. 


Westside Justice Center
601 South California Street
Chicago, IL 60612

(773) 940-2213


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