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RFP for Project Manager-Southside

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Westside Justice Center Request for Proposals Project Manager -Southside Contract period: September 10, 2022 - June 30, 2023 Posting Date: August 5, 2022 Proposals Due: 5:00pm CST, September 2, 2022 Submission: Decisions Notices: Proposers will be informed of acceptance or rejection by email Background The Westside Justice Center is a community-centered organization that promotes a holistic approach to justice by: 1) Facilitating legal literacy to reduce recidivism; 2) Providing legal and quasi- legal assistance toindividuals; and 3) Establishing and nurturing community trust through participatory deliberations and restorativejustice practices, to collaboratively mitigate the consequences of incarceration on criminalized communities. Description of RFP: This Request for Proposals (“RFP”) is being issued by the Westside Justice Center (WJC). The purpose ofthis notice is to solicit qualifications from an individual or a firm to provide services. Contracts will be executedon an annual basis, and may be renewed for a period of up to three (3) years. The Westside Justice Center (WJC) seeks to execute one contract with an individual or firm to explore anexpansion of WJC services to the South Side of Chicago, and present a recommendation to WJC’s seniorstaff and Board of Directors regarding an expansion of services to the South side of Chicago, includinglocation, strategic partnerships, and timeline. WJC anticipates the following services: 1. Conduct a comprehensive study on the prospect of expanding servicesto the South Side, including anenvironmental analysis of potential locations 2. Conduct community consultations with community members, partner organizations, and otherstakeholders. 3. Evaluate internal and external resources required for an expansion 4. Submit a report, summarizing activities and a comprehensive recommendation, to WJC’s Senior Staff and Board of Directors. WJC will competitively select proposers that have proposed Project Management services. Proposers must have a clear framework for delivering services and accomplishing performance goals and measures.Proposers must provide a detailed description of their qualifications; how they plan to accomplish outcomes;their project design; their organizational, administrative, and fiscal capacity; and their past

performance and programmatic capability. Proposers must embrace WJC’s mission. Resident of the South Side is strongly preferred. The closing date for responses is September 2, 2022. All responses must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. Proposals Requirements: To be considered, proposers must submit the following documents: ● Cover page including: ○ Proposer’s name ○ Proposer’s Legal Form ○ Federal Employee Identification Number ○ Project Lead: Name, title, address, phone, and email ○ Proposal contact: Name, title, address, phone, and email ○ Amount requested ● Program Narrative addressing the following (word limit 500): ○ Describe the specific activities you are proposing ○ Outline qualifications and experience for providing proposed activities ○ Provide the outcomes for the contract period (September 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023) ● Attachments ○ Proposed contract budget ○ Most recent 990 (if applicable) ○ W9 ○ Resumes for lead staff, demonstrating qualifications ○ Professional Liability Insurance ○ Conflict of Interest Statement: Proposer shall disclose any professional or personal financialinterests that may be a conflict of interest in representing WJC. Completed proposals must be submitted to by 5pm on September 2, 2022. Proposerswill be notified of the decisions by email. Instructions to Proposers: 1. Clarifications: Questions regarding this RFP must be submitted in writing to 2. Interpretation of RFP: Interpretation of the wording of this document shall be the responsibility of WJC and that interpretation shall be final. 3. MBE/WBE Participation Goals: In an effort to continue to promote and expand the participation of certified MBE/WBE firms, the proposer shall make good faith efforts to utilize MBE/WBE certified firmsas sub-Proposers. If M/WBE firms are utilized for this program, the proposer shall

state the name(s) of the minority and women sub- Proposer(s) and the level of participation proposedfor each firm to be awarded a subcontract.

4. WJC Rights: WJC reserves the right to reject any and all offers, to waive any informality in the

offers and, unless otherwise specified by the Proposer, to accept any item in the offer. WJC also reserves the right to accept or reject all or part of your Proposal, in any combination that is economically andprogrammatically advantageous to WJC.

5. Service Agreement: Final terms of service provision, including duties and responsibilities ofContractors and WJC, Term of Performance, Compensation, Dispute Resolution, Events of Default,Remedies, Termination, Suspension and Right to Offset, Notifications, and any other SpecificConditions, shall be governed by a Service Agreement.

6. The contract is binding with WJC and the successful Proposer, their successors and assigns thatneither WJC nor the successful Proposer will assign or transfer its interest in this contract without writtenconsent of the other.

7. Termination shall be without cause. Either party may terminate the contract by giving written notice tothe other party.

8. The successful Proposer is responsible for all applicable state and federal social security benefits andunemployment taxes and agrees to indemnify and protect WJC against such liability.

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